Banquets hote crepuscule
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We propose several different types of menus for your family or professional events.

We can accommodate for up to 50 people (seated) or more for a stand up occasion.
The following are our rates for such events:
- Menu 30€ per person (minimum 25 guests)
- Menu 40€ per person (minimum 20 guests)
- Menu 50€ per person (minimum 20 guests)
- Children's menu 10€ or 18€ per child

All our menus can be modified or personalised to suit your requirements.

Our menus are "all-inclusive" and include the following:

- Rental of the reception room for your sole use for a duration of 4 hours. Should you require your event to continue for over 4 hours please don't hesitate to contact us directly and enquire about these rates.
- An Aperitif, a Starter, a Main Course, Cheese (depending on your choice of menu), Dessert and Coffee
- Beverages during your meal: Wine Red White or Rose (1 bottle for 3 people), Mineral Water


Menu 40€ per person (reservation possible for group of 20 people

This menu includes:

-          Private function room for 4 hours

-          If you require supplementary hours please enquire

-          An aperitif, a starter, a main course, a dessert & coffee

-          1 bottle of wine for 3

-          1 bottle of mineral water for 3

-          If you wish to bring Champagne, a forfeit of 4€ per bottle will be charged as service charge



Punch or Kir with Crémant de Loire (Sparkling white wine from The Loire Valley with blackcurrant liqueur)



Leek and Goat’s cheese Pie

Salmon & sorrel in pastry pie

Smoked filet of duck salad

Chicken liners and blue cheese salad

Scallop tartar an pea mousse

Parcel of scallops with carrots and leeks

Salmon pâté with red pepper coulis


Main course

Rabbit with shallot or mustard sauce served with garlic cream potatoes

Leg of duck served with fried potatoes

Fillet of duck with Porto or Honney and spices sauce served with garlic cream potatoes

Fillet of salmon served on a bell of rice with 5 peppers

Fillet of Cod, butter and lemon sauce served with rice

Sirloin beef with Roquefort (blue cheese) or Green pepper sauce served with garlic cream potatoes

Fillet of chicken and red Espelette Pepper sauce served with garlic cream potatoes

Fillet of veal and red wine sauce served with garlic cream potatoes



Thin crust apple pie with vanilla or cinnamon Ice cream

Raspberry cake with Madagascar Vanilla and red fruits coulis

Chocolate cake with custard

Red fruits Charlottine

Pear and cinnamon pie




“Piece Montée”: extra cost of 6€ per person



Mineral water: ½ bottle per person

Wine: 1 bottle for 3 people (please choose in our wine list)




-          Speciality birthday cakes or “Piece Montée”: 6€/pers

-          Champagne Kir 8€/pers or 2€/pers instead of aperitif

-          Appetizers served with aperitif, 5 pieces per person: 5€/pers

-          Bottle of champagne: 40€/bottle

-          Sweet petit-four, 4 pieces per person: 5€/pers